Wednesday, October 3, 2012

April- May 2011

 This was a busy time for us. My best friend Andi, Brian and I ran a 5k. That was a lot of fun even if my out of shape husband was running backwards to encourage me. What a showoff!! (I really like that guy!) And Andi just hightailed it out of there and went on to win in her age group. She impresses and inspires me everyday!

We went to Kansas City for the Temple open house. My sister in law was about 9 months pregnant so we took her little girls and went to a childrens museum before our appointment time at the open house.
This was in a room that was centered around balls and here they raced balls down a track.
 Cooper was a puppy at the vet
 The Temple was absolutely gorgeous. It was rainy so we didn't get to spend too much time outside but my favorite part was showing the kids the sealing room and telling them that Brian and I got married in a room just like that and how special it was and we were able to see ourselves in the mirrors as an eternal family and it was such a sweet experience!

 The kids have really enjoyed the nice weather and playing in our jungle of a back yard. I have not idea what they are doing but they are having fun!

 The YMCA had a really fun safety awareness day. There was so much to do for the kids and they had a blast.
Face painting

Police dog

Muny kids performed
 We enjoyed the slip n slide once! That's it, just once. It is fun in theory but no one could really get the hang of it and they were getting skinned up knees and even with soap they were not doing good. Then when we saw what it did to the lawn we decided it was not the best toy after all  I remember that being amazing when I was a kid!

Then my Sister in law had her baby. It was her 6th girl and she is as sweet as can be. Her name is Nora. Being her 6th, we got the privilege of having her next to youngest little girls come and stay with us for a week and it was a lot of fun!
 They got to play the "boy dress -ups" as MaLeah called them
 We had a lot of tea parties. Moset were at the bottom of the stairs for some reason.
 We played in the water table a lot! MaLeah is such a poser!! She loved taking pictures. So cute!

 Then it was Mothers Day and Addie made me the cutest card I have ever seen. I will keep it forever. It had a poem in it that read...
I am growing like a flower
With all your love and care
All your hugs and kisses
Make the good time that we share
I am growing like a flower
We know that is true
So I made this card in kindergarten
To say, "I LOVE YOU"
 And then it had her hand print holding flowers. So cute. They all took great care of me and Brian made a card and talked to each of the kids so they could each put one thing in it that they would do for me. Coopers was to send me to a two hour "time-out" and the kids thought that was hilarious but it was my favorite one!!

 I made a wedding cake for a wedding standards night for Young Womens and that was a lot of fun.
 Callen was supposed to attend this karate tournament and I thought he would absolutely love it. I thought it was pretty cool. But the boys thought it was way too loud. We didn't stay too long.

 but it did wear cooper out!

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