Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday time

 All the boys in our family have birthdays really close to each other. Callen had a transformer party for his 5th birthday. It was a lot of fun but I don't think the girls enjoyed it as much as Callen would have liked them to. He had an optimus prime cake that I tried to follow a picture and lets just say I am not an artist but it was ok (it tasted really good!). It started with an obstacle course in the basement blasting from their planet to earth.
 We had bean bag tosses that Brian painted in the decepticon and autobot symbols
 We had a few more games like a transformer memory game where I took a picture of all his transformers in their person form and their vehicle form and we had to match them. Then we had all the kids show us their best transformer moves on the trampoline. Callen has mastered his quite nicely. Here he is doing a transforming flip kick. He loves to do this and he makes a "sh sh sh sh " sound as he transforms. It is pretty funny
 Addie got him a transformer of course
 Then I tried to do a little surprise for Brian  on his 30th birthday and so I had some friends meet us at a restaurant and surprise him when he walked in thinking he was just going on a date with me. Not as many people were there as I would have liked but his birthday just so happened to be on a very busy weekend. He was very surprised though since I have never successfully pulled off a surprise for him.

 Cooper became obsessed with buses while I was in Idaho for my sisters wedding. So I made him a bus cake for his birthday. It was not my best work. It seems I am digressing quite a bit in my cake making ability so we just call this the "short bus" Cooper was happy with it though! He is such a big boy and we love him so much!!

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